Vide Of Guy Setting New Super Mario Bros. Speedrun Record With 4:55.913

September 26, 2018


This is a video of gamer Cosmik setting a new Super Mario Bros. speedrun record and the first time under 4:56.00, with a 4:55.913 (all played on an original Nintendo with original controller). Cosmik says it's the first run he's ever gotten past level 1-2 with a pace that could even potentially beat the record, and took it all the way to the end. Man, those must have been some sweaty hands. Like, the kind of hand you regret shaking afterwards and wonder why the person ever bothered offering it to you in the first place instead of saying they just went to the bathroom and accidentally pissed all over it like a normal person you never know when to take seriously.

Keep going for the video, and you can read Cosmik's answers to some commonly asked questions about the run on the video's Youtube page HERE (click 'show more').

Thanks to hairless, who agrees Fred Savage could totally have that record if he wanted it.

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