Tow Truck Driver Tries To Drive Brakeless Jeep Onto Bed, Underestimates Importance Of Brakes

September 20, 2018


This is a video of a tow truck driver who was called to tow a totaled Jeep (with a back wheel that's barely attached and without brakes -- or "brakes that are probably really shitty" as the guy in the video warns), but couldn't get his truck to the Jeep so decides to drive the Jeep to it. He actually does manage to get the Jeep onto the back of the truck very briefly before it rolls back down the ramp, flips over a ledge losing its already sad wheel, and knocks a natural gas meter off, causing "a large amount of natural gas to leak out." All in all, I say a job well done by my standards.

Keep going for the video of me in every business meeting I've ever attended.

Thanks to HW, who agrees brakes aren't overrated.

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