Timelapse Of A 28-Inch, 6-Pound Millennium Falcon Model Being 3-D Printed Over 10 Days

September 4, 2018

This is a timelapse video of a large 27.6-inch long, 6.6-pound plastic Millennium Falcon model being 3-D printed over the course of 9 days, 21 hours and 19 minutes. For reference, the majority of my relationships haven't even lasted that long. And most not even past the first date. "Is that really a relationship then?" Well I guess not now that I think about it and get really sad. Why are you always tearing me down anyways? I thought you were supposed to be lifting me up. "You're too heavy." You didn't even try! "Do you remember what happened to the last guy who tried to give you a piggyback ride?" Yeah, we both had a great time, end of story. "You broke his back jumping on him." HE SAID HE WAS READY.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Aaron, who informed me he wants to know just how much all that plastic cost.

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