The World's Lightest (3.3 Pound) All Graphene Wheelchair

September 19, 2018


This is the Superstar graphene wheelchair designed and built by Switzerland-based company Küschall. The all-graphene frame weighs a scant 3.3-pounds, and is about 30% lighter and 20% stronger (in the event of a fender-bender) than existing carbon fiber models. Wait, so is this like a racing wheelchair or what? Also do they make a walker model with the tennis balls on the feet? My grandpa likes to look good when he goes out.

Graphene being the strongest material known to man, the semi-metal is 10 times stronger than diamond, yet it is incredibly flexible and ultra-lightweight. The Superstar wheelchair has been designed in partnership with formula 1 manufacturers. The wheels of Superstar have been positioned closer to the user to increase propelling efficiency. The design incorporates an X-shape geometry with road dampening properties to increase performance and agility. The seat's design has also been optimized to provide optimum propelling performance. The graphene wheelchair is still under development, but Küschall plans to launch it soon.

That all sounds very deluxe. Also, expensive. Already have a wheelchair and want to make it lighter? Simple: add helium balloons. I suggest just enough to float down stairs, but if you're hellbent on making the flight to Paradise Falls with Russell on your back, that's your business.

Thanks to v, who agrees for as much as thing things probably costs, you could probably get a custom personal tank built.

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