The Lex Chair: An Exoskeletal Wearable Chair

September 11, 2018


This is the Kickstarter campaign for Astride Bionix's Lex Chair, a ~$250 exoskeletal chair that looks like some sort of climbing harness and provides a place to sit no matter where you go. Alternatively, save yourself $250 and just do what I do and don't go anywhere without ample seating.

You can put it on in half a minute, and pull out the legs in just a couple of seconds. It weighs about 2 lb but can support 264 lb.

Three complaints: 1) I'm pushing that weight limit 2) there's no backrest and 3) your legs are the front legs of the chair! That's no way to relax. If I wanted to be half a chair I would have gone to furniture school and dropped out after sophomore year.

Keep going for a handful more shots and the Kickstarter video in case you need this in your life (no judging, I'm just holding out for a practical, wearable bed).





Thanks to Brett DA, who agrees there's nothing wrong with just sitting on the ground and crying with your head in your hands.

  • People going to comic cons would find a use for such a contraption. You've never experience "convention hell" until you waited hours in autograph lines. Yes, I said "hours"! I'm not kidding about that. I even saw people bringing their own folding chairs. Therefore, walking around with an "exoskeletal chair" strapped to your butt wouldn't that ridiculous, after all.

  • Konstantin

    Yes, various conventions are pretty much the only legitimate use for these. Also, you won't be the weirdest one by a long shot.

  • Mark

    Showing a picture of a model wearing capri's and loafers while he pretends to know how to use a drill is not going to convince me to buy these silly contraptions.

  • Douchy McDouche

    Ironically, wearing this will not allow you to use any empty seats or benches around you. Add to that the fact that you look like Doc Oc's retarded sibling and it's like being trapped in a personal hell.

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Deploys in seconds, but they never show how you put them away....

  • WhiteEagle2

    Simple, you make a lasso out of dental floss and loop them to pull them up.

  • Eric Ord

    You just waddle around with them flapping behind you

  • TheQiwiMan

    I’ve heard Michael Scott has plans for a similar invention.

  • Michael Knight

    i'll sell you a similar chair for $50

  • Nicholas Conrad

    Oh? Do tell. I was looking at the Kickstarter the other day, and was thinking $50 seemed about right for that product.

  • Michael Knight

    basically i'm going to take any plastic chair from walmart/home depot/etc. and attach two 2x4's with hinges to the chair.
    i would think that two 2x4's can probably support more than 264 lbs.

  • Bling Nye

    New meaning to "stool stuck on your ass"...

  • Nicholas Conrad

    ... I'm not familiar with even the first meaning of that phrase 🤔

  • Bling Nye

    Yeah, it's a pretty shitty expression.

  • Konstantin

    Do you desire public shame and humiliation, but feel like people just don't make enough fun of you for wearing a fanny pack? Well, now there is a solution!

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it!

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