Super Impressive Build Of A Functional 3-Axis LEGO Thrill Ride

September 6, 2018

This is a video (complete with some passenger POV footage) of the 3-axis LEGO thrill ride (similar to this real-life one at Six Flags) constructed by LEGO building expert Shadow Elenter. It even has safety lap restraints that automatically engage before the access ramps fold down and the ride begins. That's nuts. I can't even imagine the amount of ingenuity a build like this must have taken, but it's lightyears past my skill level. You know the last thing I built with LEGO? "You didn't build anything, you ate a bunch and gave yourself a stomachache." Haha, I lied to my mom and told her I ate a cat turd so she wouldn't take all my LEGO sets away. She did move the litter box to the basement though, which sucks because the basement is scary so now I can't play archeologist.

Keep going for the video but start at 0:45, it really is impressive.

Thanks to carey, who agrees just watching the video is almost enough to make you feel sick. I know I do.

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