Sony Unveils The Playstation Classic, A $100 Mini Version Of The Original Console Preloaded With 20 Games

September 19, 2018


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the original Playstation's release (and make a lot of money in the process), Sony has just announced the Playstation Classic, a $100 mini version (45% smaller) of the original Playstation console that comes preloaded with twenty games. It includes two full size Playstation controllers, supports local multiplayer, but doesn't include an A/C adapter (USB cable only). So far Sony has announced that Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms will be included, and 15 additional games will be announced shortly, presumably when it's available for pre-order. Units ship December 3rd. Now, are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Buy as many as I can, keep one for myself and sell all the rest for a huge markup on eBay right before Christmas." Okay I was just gonna say pass.

Keep going for the official trailer while I rub my cheek on my original Playstation and remember all the good times we've had and continue to have together. I still sleep with my Dreamcast under my pillow though.

Thanks to Greg D and hairless, who agree those graphics aren't as cutting edge as they remember them.

  • Clara R Scribner

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  • Fartbutt

    Defs will get to force my kids to play down the road. Because If they dont grow up playing Final Fantasy or Zelda, they are NOT MY KID. LESSONS ARE TO BE LEARNT AND MANNERS ARE TO BE HAVED.

  • sandul

    I've been playing Gran Turismo 2 the last few days, it's still an amazing game and the only frustrating part is at high speed the tight corners aren't always visible in time so you have to be really aware lol.

  • TheQiwiMan

    Meh, I'll wait for the other 15 games to be announced before getting excited.

  • Mr. Roboto

    The 8 (and even 16) bit graphics have a cute nostalgia to them. These graphics are just irritating. It was video game graphic's awkward tween stage that's probably not worth revisiting.

  • TheQiwiMan
  • Closet Nerd

    Hard Pass

  • Better have goddamn Twisted Metal or I'm gonna flip a desk.

  • Doog

    I completely forgot about Twisted Metal

  • Rinny

    Why not just keep releasing the classics digitally instead of wasting plastic on something that can't even play original playstation disks?

  • Fartbutt

    There are actually plenty of digital classics if you were a fanboy... jus sayin

  • Having the form factor feature such an obvious disk drive on top makes not having the ability to play disks a little weird for me.

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