Slow Down!: Guy Hits 286MPH On Rocket Cycle During 1/4 Mile

September 24, 2018


This is a video of insane person Eric Teboul setting "a new world's best terminal speed of 286MPH from a standing start 1/4 mile" atop his rocket powered bike. That is too fast. You drive through my neighborhood doing 286MPH and you're definitely gonna get yelled at, and possibly even a morning paper or two thrown at you.

"The video was taken from the commentary box at Santa Pod Raceway, England during the FIA European Finals on Sunday 9th September. The commentary box rocks in the wake of the bike. Eric ran out of drag-strip and ended up 200' into the field at the end of the track, which was perfectly okay. He's totally mad."

Man, how does he even hang on to the bike when it takes off? I would have fallen right off the back and broken myself like Humpty Dumpty. And you know what they say about all the king's horses and all the king's men. "Terrible work ethic." They don't even try.

Keep going for the video, but he doesn't take off until right after the minute mark.

Thanks to Shaun O, who agrees that is how you get to work in a hurry provided you don't ever have to make a turn or brake.

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