Raccoon Demonstrates Its Problem Solving Skills By Unlocking A Series Of Gates To Get Treats

September 6, 2018

This is a video of appropriately named Rascal the raccoon demonstrating her problem solving skills by opening up a series of locked gates to access delicious treats (in this case raw broccoli, which most children would argue are the opposite of delicious treats because they're picky eaters and not dumpster pandas). She even manages to free one lock that's on the other side of the gate, and has to navigate by touch. Impressive. But does that make her smarter than my friends? Absolutely. AND better looking. And probably a hell of a lot funner to make a late night Taco Bell run with, especially if she's driving.

Keep going for the video while I kindly beg Rascal to stop running reds and driving on the sidewalk, even though when we left the house it's kinda what I was hoping she would do.

Thanks to Linby, for reminding me to blame raccoons the next time I decide to steal the pudding packs from my roommate's pantry lockbox. Who has a pantry lockbox anyways? "A person with a roommate who steals their food." HE'S A JERK.

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