Philadelphia Flyers Unveil 'Gritty', Their Terrifying New Mascot

September 24, 2018


This is a shot of Gritty, the new mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, who's clearly ready to give all the children all the nightmares. I'll probably sleep with the lights on tonight too. The official Pittsburg Penguins Twitter account had this to say: "lol ok". Who designed this? Who approved it? Gritty looks like someone I'd expect to see hanging out at a truck stop asking if I know where to score some coke. He looks like a Muppet version of the monster at the end of Big Trouble In Little China. If the Phillie Phanatic ever goes missing I'm pretty sure I know where to look for him, and that's in Gritty's intestines.

Keep going for a closeup and a couple videos of the monster in action.


Thanks to MSA, who informed me the Phillie Phanatic should just be the mascot for all Philly sports teams.

  • The_Wretched

    A less healthy trumpian oscar the meth head grouch?

    Fire the ad-wizard who came up with this one and the managers who approved it.

  • Kitty

    Shouldn't his number be like #666.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I used to have nightmares about muppets. Looks like I'm gonna have them again.

  • Rob C.

    That is dumbest thing I've seen in a while. Looks like Cookie Monster gone wrong.

    Do they REALLY need a mascot? I feel for the guy/gal in the suit, you need job and stuff. I think this plain grab for money to lure kids to the game. If the kid don't like action, there point being there!

  • Bubbubsky


  • Nick Pappagiorgio

    So we get a Gritty post but not Bowsette? I would have thought GW as a video game perv before a hockey nerd.

  • "Hey what if fozzie bear gained like 200 pounds, grew a silky red mullet/beard combo, and had eyes like a rapist with a $60 a day crank habit?"

    Mascot Designer: I got you, fam.

  • TBo in BC

    Now that's a playoff beard!

  • Jesus, do they also play "The Spicy McHaggis Jig" when he comes out?

  • roehlstation

    So that is what a road cone looks like when it is all grown up

  • TheQiwiMan

    So I guess the thought process was: "Small children at hockey games can be annoying when you're just trying to enjoy the game, so let's make sure no parents bring their little ones with them ever again"?

  • Jenness

    I think it's brilliant.

  • Gingerbread

    Looks like Youppi (Mtl mascot) on drugs after getting his face torn off

  • Should be "nooppi"

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