People Try To Climb Rope Ladder IRL While Dangling From Helicopter Ladder In Virtual Reality

September 19, 2018

This is a video of several people attempting to climb to the top of a rope ladder and claim a $200 prize while wearing a VR headset and climbing a terrifying rope ladder dangling from a helicopter in virtual reality. Plus the people who orchestrated the stunt use giant fans to blow the ladder around and let onlookers throw foam rocks and squirt water guns. Obviously, I would have made it to the top no problem, but that's just me and I always wear a jetpack. "You don't always wear a jetpack." Yes I do too, just not to bed anymore (sorry honey).

Keep going for the video. Also, props to that one kid with the foam rock for the headshot.

Thanks to John, who agrees there's never any real money in a sack with a giant dollar sign on the side.

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