Okaaaay: The Ostrich Pillow Hood 'For Focus And Comfort'

September 20, 2018


Focus, Michael, this is Fornite. Don't let the popcorn get to you!

From the uncritically acclaimed makers of the original Ostrich Pillow comes this Kickstarter for the Ostrichpillow Hood, which is basically a hoodie without the ie. The $30 hood "is a shape-shifting cocoon that allows you to create your own space for wellbeing, improving focus and concentration, providing temporary disconnection or enabling casual freestyle." It's a hood. And the shapeshifting they're referring to is that it can also be worn backwards to block out light or confuse coworkers. My eyes are back here, Greg! But I'm not here to judge, because there have been times when I've wished I had a hood but didn't want the bulky, long sleeves of a hoodie. And you know what I did? "Cut the sleeves off a hoodie?" What? Oh! *quickly cancels Ostrichpillow Hood order* Yes, exactly.

Keep going for a couple more shots and their Kickstarter video.




Thanks to Nicholas C, who agrees it should at least come with a cinch for EXTRA FOCUS CAPABILITIES.

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