Oh Wow: Cool Backwards Skateboard Jump Up Stairs

September 12, 2018

Just when you think you've seen all the moves, this is a video of a skateboarder casually ollieing up a few stairs while standing backwards. Is there a name for this? I remember I tried to jump up a few stairs WITHOUT a skateboard not too long ago and *rubbing metal plate in leg* things didn't work out so well. I'll be the first person to admit I'm clumsy, but the last to ever admit I farted.

*9PM, in bed (technically a mattress on the floor), it smells like death all of a sudden*
Girlfriend: Jesus, honey!
Me: A rat must have died in the wall.
Girlfriend: What, and you ate it?
Me: I'll call the exterminator in the morning. *turing off light* Goodnight, dear.

Keep going for the whole video, complete with a slow-mo closeup replay.

Thanks to Ash, for reminding me of the time I re-broke my arm skateboarding (when I turned my wrist it looked like the bone was gonna tear through the skin!)

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