Man Tests Ladder Hoist With 400 Pound, 55-Gallon Drum Of Water

September 5, 2018

This is a video of Ken of Ken's Karpentry (clever!) testing his homemade ladder hoist's ability to lift a 400-pound gallon drum of water. It operates beautifully, and I would trust that ladder hoist with the life of a frienemy any day. The website I was linked says things actually went "spectacularly wrong", but it's very clear Ken intended for the water drum to be pushed from the hoist (you can easily see the angled wood board he placed there to make it happen), and why else would that makeshift 8-foot tall table just be standing there waiting to get crushed? No, I have to applaud Ken for what he really did here today. "Help a 400-pound water drum realize its dream of becoming a professional wrestler?" He's like a one man Make-A-Wish foundation.

Keep going for the whole video. Bonus points for the rainbow.

Thanks to redbrick, who agrees there should have at least been an opponent on top of that table to body-slam through it.

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