Man Performs Iron Maiden Medley On His Reversed Triple Neck Guitar

September 11, 2018


This is a video of musician Luca Stricagnoli performing a medley of Iron Maiden songs ("Fear Of The Dark", "The Trooper "and "Phantom Of The Opera") he arranged to play on the reversed triple neck guitar built for him by Italian luthier Davide Serracini. It wasn't really as hardcore as I was anticipating, which is actually fine because I just woke up anyways. "It's 11AM and you've already been at work for three hours." You've never heard of a mid-morning nap before? They're great, they make lunch come so much quicker. Plus I've really seen a significant increase in my productivity. "What kind of productivity?" Dreaming.

Keep going for the video while I try to figure out where the hell all these work orders on my desk came from.

Thanks to n0nentity, who agrees if you're going to own a custom 3-headed guitar and play heavy metal, that guitar should look like Cerberus.

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