Man Demonstrates His Giant 23-Foot Inflatable, Air-Powered Octopus Puppet

September 25, 2018

These are two short videos of British artist and puppeteer Tim Davies demonstrating Ocho The Octopus, a 13-foot tall, 23-feet long and wide inflatable air-powered octopus puppet, complete with eight fully articulated arms. It's pretty cool to see in action. Still, if Tim thinks he's entering the same costume contest as I am this Halloween, I'll have no choice but to fight him.

Keep going for two videos of Ocho in action.

Thanks to Amelie, who agrees he at least shouldn't be able to fit in any indoor costume contests, which is why I will be attending the smallest Halloween party I get invited to this year, which will probably be me sitting home alone watching Hocus Pocus.

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