Living The Dream: Video Of A Chicken Running Through Fresh Concrete Sidewalk

September 7, 2018


This is a short vertical video of a chicken living its best life in Mooroolbark Victoria, Australia and leaving a ton of footprints in a freshly poured concrete sidewalk. Eventually one of the workers trying to shoo the chicken away steps into the very wet concrete, creating an even bigger disaster. You know, I think I've actually seen this cartoon before. SPOILER: the coyote always loses.

Keep going for the sweet video as well as some more info about the incident from one of the workers because they sound like decent guys.

"So we were working away in a busy suburban area when I look up to find a nothing but a chicken walking through all our freshly paved work. We bullfloated the concrete and chicken got distracted by the yellow star picket caps and pecked at them for the rest of the job. Around 3 he disappeared into someone's front yard. We were working there the next day and surely around 10:00AM he came back out again. So put caps everywhere all over the dry concrete and he was off."

Thanks to Ian, who informed me that nine times out of ten if a person reads 'look up' scratched into sidewalk concrete they will, and, God willing, walk right into that parking meter.

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