Kindergarten Greets Children On First Day Of School With Pole Dancing Performance

September 4, 2018


Children and parents at Xinshashui Kindergarten in Shenzhen, China were recently greeted on the first day of the new school year by -- at least in my opinion -- a very tasteful pole dancing performance. I don't know what the big deal is, nobody is even paying attention except the color guard, and they're probably only standing there because they have to be. Man, my kindergarten sucked, I demand a redo. "You are on the grade level." Whatever, mom!

Video footage of the bizarre arrangement on Monday shows a woman in skimpy clothing and high platform shoes spinning around a pole on a small stage as confused three- to six-year-olds looked on.

Horrified parents posted clips of the pole dance on social media, with many saying that they're now trying to withdraw their children from the school and get their tuition back.

The school in question...has issued an apology, citing that the performance was well-intentioned.

Lai Rong, the principal of the pre-school in the city's Bao'an District, said in the apology that the school was trying to 'lighten up the atmosphere' during the first day of school.

Hey -- it happens. What sounds like a good idea in the beginning turns out to be, at least in a lot of other peoples' opinions, a bad one. We've all been there. Still, it's not like they're teaching pole dancing at the school. Right? Wait -- tell me they aren't teaching pole dancing at the school. "They aren't." Oh thank heavens. Still, I guess if there's on lesson we can all take away from this it's that pole dancing performances are probably best left to PTA night.

Keep going for the video while I speculate how the dancer felt about all this. Nobody ever asked her opinion.

Thanks again to Closet Nerd, who agrees you goofed if you just dropped your kids off at school that morning instead of coming inside.

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