Kid Gets Luckiest Bowling Strike Possible

September 13, 2018

This is a very short video of a kid throwing a gutterball, which quickly bounces out of the gutter, resulting in a strike (which wouldn't actually count in any sanctioned play because once a ball enters the gutter it's considered a dead ball). What are the odds? "Slim." Like the fit of my jeans. "You're wearing JNCOs." But not the widest ones I own though. And what's up with the girl that's filming? Is she losing her voice? Is she losing her mind? Also if you're wondering why you didn't win the Powerball lotto last night you have this guy to blame for stealing all your luck. Thanks a lot, kiddo, now you owe me $132,000,000.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to Joshua S, who prefers an overhand bowling method, and has a hard time finding a bowling alley he hasn't been banned from yet.

  • Jenness

    Not sure I'd want to broadcast being that excited over lucky breaks after shoddy performance. Might have to keep a double eye on the condoms and double wrap it.

  • Mark

    Looks more like a trick shot, than luck, given the way it is deliberately going for the gutter and then hops out.

  • ops400

    Technically, the official rules say: if the ball enters the gutter at any point and then goes on to hit pins, they don't count and should be reset.... But it is pretty cool to watch.

  • TheQiwiMan

    LOL okay then, we apparently learned this girls obscure, very specific kink: You wanna give her the 'O', roll a gutter-ball that pops out for a strike.

    And here you thought YOUR lady was difficult to please...

  • jodyberry

    Get that camera girl a valium.

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