Just Two Idiots Who Turn Road Rage Incident Into Bumper Cars

September 28, 2018

This is a video of two morons (one towing a U-Haul trailer) on I-65 North in Indianapolis, Indiana deciding to turn their case of road rage into a little bumper car action. Some more info while I speculate if this is actual footage of Florida Man's move to Indiana:

"I noticed the two in front of me start exchanging words. I thought to myself, this is gonna get interesting, so I whipped out my phone to start recording. I heard the guy pulling the trailer had tried to run the jeep off the road a 1/2 mile back."

It's amazing how crazy some people are. I don't care if someone does try to run me off the road, I'm not going to fight them with my car, I'm just going to go home and take it out on my liver like a normal person. I'm kidding, I'm going to remember their license plate number, find out where they live, and set their house on fire one night. Remember: revenge, just like blood-of-my-enemies ice cream, is a dish best served cold (PROTIP: serve in a chilled skull for extra pizzazz).

Keep going for the whole vertical video.

Thanks to Jerry Y, who agrees it's not worth it.

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