Japan's Rovers Send Back First Images From The Surface Of An Asteroid

September 27, 2018


After a three-and-a-half year journey through space, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) asteroid exploration 'mothership' Hayabusa 2 reached asteroid Ryugu in June of this year. And on September 21st it deployed two rovers (Rovers 1A and 1B, presumably inspired by NieR:Automata characters) to the surface for a little reconnoissance. And these are the first photos and video from the surface of an asteroid. As you can clearly see, it appears to be very rocky, just like my relationship. Apparently due to 'a lack of communication' on my part, which is entirely untrue. *cell phone rings, ignores, office line rings, ignores, cell phone rings again, sends straight to voicemail* What?

Keep going for a couple more photos and the video.



Thanks to Tom T and hairless, who agree we should have sent some people. Preferably people I don't like.

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