It Happens: Mom Afraid Of Virtual Reality Simulation Unknowingly Comforts Herself With Dog's Ass

September 27, 2018


This is a video of somebody's mom experiencing some sort of virtual reality horror simulation for the first time and mistakingly cuddling a dog's ass to comfort herself. The dog takes it in stride though, which really isn't surprising because dogs generally love all the cuddles they can get. I regularly reach down to pet my dog in the middle of the night and can't really tell what I'm scratching, although I probably should because I know she only sleeps with her butt facing up towards my face. I think it's a dominance thing. Plus she insists on taking all the blankets and pillows and drinking my water on the nightstand.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Motty, who agrees you can always just take the goggles off.

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