I Must Have One: This Crazy Expensive Rocket Watch

September 27, 2018


This is the Maximilian Busser and Friends (MB&F) HM9 Flow, a luxury wristwatch that kinda looks like a rocket and costs $182,000 before taxes and more afterwards. The watch is limited to 33 pieces (at least ten of which will be mine) and has a sort of sideways oriented watch face with two rocket blasters sitting behind it. Some more info while I turn the television on and off in the conference room with the remote control watch I keep in my desk, which has been going strong since high school:

The other two cones contain dual balance wheels. The balance wheel is what causes the watch to tick and controls the energy released by the main spring. Interestingly, MB&F added two to this watch in an effort to ensure accuracy. "The twin balance wheels of the HM9 engine feed two sets of chronometric data to a central differential for an averaged reading," they wrote. "The balances are individually impulsed and spatially separated to ensure that they beat at their own independent cadences of 2.5Hz (18,000bph) each. This is important to ensure a meaningful average, just as how a statistically robust mathematical average should be derived from discrete points of information."

Admittedly, that sounds very complex and accurate. Still, how important is it for a watch to be accurate to a nanosecond when it doesn't even have a seconds hand? Personally, I feel if my watch is accurate to within twenty minutes my life will be unaffected. Finally -- lunch time! "It's 9AM." I need a new watch.

Keep going for a handful more shots and a video of the watch's construction.





Thanks to Komet, who promised me a trip around the sun, which I accepted.

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