Guy Trying To Drive Repo'd Truck Off Back of Tow

September 26, 2018

This is a video of Florida Man trying to drive his Ford F-150 off the back of a tow truck while it's being repossessed. Some might argue he should have just not defaulted on his car loan, but I'm the last one to argue about fiscal responsibility -- I spent $165 on breakfast this morning. "What the hell did you have?!" A bottle of Dom Perignon and a hotdog. Some more info while I burp for two hours:

"Shortly after this vehicle had been taken away from the registered owner, that person chased our employee a couple of miles and then hopped in his pick up truck to supposedly grab some personal belongings. The rest is what you see on video. Due to a chain being attached to the truck he was not able to drive off. "

Despite his best efforts, things do not end well for this maniac, and he ends up wrecking the truck (but thankfully not that little red car). UNSURPRISING TWIST: he was also arrested afterwards, apparently because tug-o-war isn't a sanctioned method of resolving a repossession. I'm as shocked and outraged as you are.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to n0nentity, who agrees there is now lower bound to Florida Man's genius.

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