Grieving Father Had A 5-Foot iPhone Replica Tombstone Made For His Daughter's Grave

September 28, 2018


Because we all express our grief in different ways, these are a couple shots of the five foot black basalt iPhone 5 replica tombstone that a grieving father in Ufa, Russia had made after losing his daughter Shameeva at the age of 25. That is too young. I'm not really sure why he chose the phone for her grave, but I assume she really loved her iPhone. If that's the case my gravestone should probably be a PS4 or my bed. Rest in peace, Shameeva, I hope you're enjoying heaven's unlimited plan.

Keep going for two more shots and a video from the workshop that made the iPhone gravestone, which includes several shots of another demo model.



Thanks to K Diddie, who offered to buy me a custom Geekologie homepage headboard for my bed since I'm not dead yet, except inside.

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