Fishmonger Gets Business Closed After Sticking Googly Eyes To Fish 'To Make Them Appear Fresher'

September 4, 2018


A fishmonger in Kuwait recently had his business closed by police after adhering google eyes to the actual eyes of his fish "to make them appear fresher," although I'm a firm believer that anybody foolish enough to fall for the ol' googly eyed fish scam deserves to eat a rotten fish.

The footage clearly shows the fake eye slipping off to reveal a much less appealing yellow eye underneath.

Rival sellers responded with mock advertising announcing the sale of "fish without cosmetic surgery", featuring an image of a fish and a selection of coloured contact lenses.

In July, another fishmonger in Kuwait was accused of putting nails in their fish to increase their weight, the BBC reported.

Wait -- someone else was caught putting nails in fish to increase their weight? What is wrong with you? The googly eyes thing I understand, but nails? That's messed up. "Says the guy who used lead fishing weights to win the heaviest tomato competition at the county fair." That's different, that was a contest, everybody cheats in contests.

Keep going for a video in case you need to see a video (which you absolutely do not).

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who agrees they should have also given it some of those wind-up chattering teeth to make it seem so fresh that it's still alive.

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