Finally, A Decent Velociraptor Hatchling Tiki Mug

September 7, 2018


These are the Jurassic Park inspired Baby Raptor Tiki Mugs available from Mondo (search 'raptor' on their website if you're serious about buying me one). The 16-ounce mugs come in three three standard variants: regular (above, $38), Isla Nublar (green glaze, $42), and white and blue ($50, already sold out). There will also be an Alamo Draft House exclusive mug in brown. Now I'm sure you already know this about me, but I love everything tiki related. ESPECIALLY tiki drinks. And dinosaurs, so you can imagine how I'm feeling right now. "Confused about the tingling in your privates?" Should I call my doctor? It's like they just ate a handful of Altoids.

Keep going for shots of the other colorways.






Thanks to Ash, who agrees that, just like me sneaking out of work early to grab a cocktail, life will find a way.

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