Finally, A Decent Skull Themed Toilet Brush And Holder

September 25, 2018


Because skulls are a great addition to any bathroom, this is the $26 Skullduggery Skeleton Gothic Bathroom Decor Toilet Bowl Brush Set. Sure it's perfect for Halloween, but it's equally suitable year round. There's just no better reminder that one day you're going to die like sitting on the can disastrously crapping your brains out and praying death comes much sooner than later. Just take me now, Lord! We've all been there. Some of us are even there on the regular because of our unhealthy eating habits. Am I there now? Maybe! *toilet flushes in background* That wasn't me, just for the record. I don't believe in courtesy flushes because I care more about planet earth than I do what my coworkers think of me. "You shower like two hours a day." Who are you, my shower scrunchie?

Keep going for one more shot in case you're having trouble making the obvious purchase decision.


Thanks to Dunc, who agrees skulls just really add a certain je ne sais quoi to a room that nothing else can.

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