Demonstration Of Auditorium's Automated Seating Reconfiguration

September 11, 2018

This is a timelapse demonstration of the futuristic auditorium seating in the Swiss Tech Convention Center. The seating platforms, developed by Gala Systems, use "a complex network of spiral lifts which can reconfigure the number, arrangement, and height of 2,300 of its seats with the push of a button." Impressive. No word how many people have been crushed to death underneath the seats while scouring for loose change, but I'm not above risking my life for a quarter. "I'll give you twenty cents to chew through your computer's power cable." Find another nickel and you've got yourself a deal.

Keep going for the whole video while I reminisce about the days of folding chairs.

Thanks to hairless, who intends to build the first auditorium with all rocking chair seating, just like the porch at Cracker Barrel.

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