Cruisin': Injured Turtle Gets A LEGO Wheelchair

September 27, 2018


This is a video of an eastern box turtle that was outfitted with a custom LEGO wheelchair by vets at the Maryland Zoo after being found in a nearby park with fractures in his plastron (the bottom part of the shell). The temporary wheelchair allows the turtle full mobility while the fractures heal. "Righteous, little bro!" Michelangelo, ladies and gentlemen!

Zoo officials say there aren't devices small enough for turtles to use so they got creative and drew sketches of a customized wheelchair. The sketches were then sent to a friend, who is also a LEGO enthusiast.

"The sketches proved to be a success and the turtle received his very own multi-colored LEGO brick wheelchair just a few weeks after surgery. The turtle is roughly the size of a grapefruit. The small LEGO frame surrounds his shell and sits on four LEGO wheels," said Garrett Fraess, veterinary extern at the zoo.

Happy endings. You may also recall this turtle and this other one who were outfitted with LEGO wheels to aid in their mobility. And who can forget that tortoise who used a LEGO scooter to beat the hare in a race? "That didn't happen." No, Aesop just didn't tell the whole story because he had an agenda.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Gregory CC, who agrees there's nothing you can't build with LEGO if you believe in yourself.

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