Bob Ross Toaster (Allegedly) Burns A Smiling Bob Ross Face Onto Your Bread

September 20, 2018


This is the $40 Bob Ross Toaster from Uncanny Brands. It's supposed to burn Bob Ross's iconic smiling face onto your toast, but based on the real-life results (included after the jump), he looks more like a coffee stain. The details of his face are just way too fine to expect them to translate to bread. *shrug* Oh well, at least the sticker from the side of the toaster will look cool on my Trapper Keeper.

Keep going for some not very happy little toasts and a video.





Thanks to Ernest H, who agrees there's no day that Bob Ross can't brighten.

  • Jenness

    I'm convinced that the only reason this was created is so some freak can smear mayonnaise on his face imagining "things"

  • Bling Nye

    I bet Bob Ross would be pissed about this thing and think it's a total piece of shit. It's like a $4 toaster and the morons put the bread in sideways. WTF

  • mph

    Can also be used as the "Jeff Lynne" toaster at tea time.

  • UltimateWarrior

    You ARE a good Catholic!

  • Katie

    That's not Bob Ross, that's obviously Santa Maria Jesus de la Imaculada Conception de los Angeles Celestiales, as any good Catholic can clearly see.

  • spikedeclue

    Why does this happen? I see you copy/paste comments all over the place, sometimes on threads with bunches of people copy/pasting the same few comments. Of what benefit is this?

  • Bling Nye

    It's a spam advertising strategy I think, or trying to legitimize bot accounts, either way, not sure... it's annoying as fuck, especially when they upvote each other so theirs goes up above the original comment.

    Easy way to tell is look at time stamp, but that doesn't work after it moves from hours to days... next look at their comment count and compare, most copy/paste accounts are below 100 comments, and on a bunch of random ass sites... Also look under the profile's "Recommends" tab, they often have video game "hacks" bullshit... for example with the UltimateWarrior account up above that copied Eric Ord's comment...

    "Discussion on coc-gems 7 comments
    UltimateWarrior UltimateWarrior recommended 3 months ago
    Discussion on fifa18-hack 29 comments
    FIFA 18 HACK
    UltimateWarrior UltimateWarrior recommended 6 months ago
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    GTA 5 HACK
    UltimateWarrior UltimateWarrior recommended 8 months ago"

    You can flag as impersonation. No idea if it'll ever make any difference, but at least if they get flagged enough they might get acknowledged by Disqus.

    EDIT: I deleted the URL extensions on the links, since I don't want to give them traffic, nor do I want to risk sending anyone to a site that might have malware or other nasties, which I wouldn't be surprised is exactly what they're hoping for.

  • TheQiwiMan

    That's not Bob Ross, that's obviously Santa Maria Jesus de la Imaculada Conception de los Angeles Celestiales, as any good Catholic can clearly see.

  • I don't see it.

  • Eric Ord

    You're not a good Catholic!

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