Video Of Balloon Animals Reanimating After Being Frozen In Liquid Nitrogen

September 5, 2018

This is a video from the folks at Youtube channel Real Physics Live from Texas A&M of some balloon animals being frozen in liquid nitrogen, completely losing their shape, then reanimating themselves as they warm back up to room temperature. Why does it happen? Because incredibly cold air takes up significantly less space than warm air. Mister Wizard taught me that. This also explains why a lot of my friends are so fat. "Because they're so full of hot air!" That's what I was implying, yes. Plus they eat like shit and never respond to my texts.

Keep going for the whole video, then watch an hour of Mister Wizard on Youtube like I just did.

Thanks to All Out, who clearly always gives it 100%. Me? I usually max at about a quarter out then I'm ready for a nap to replenish my mana.

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