An Actual Architect Builds A Home In Minecraft

September 11, 2018


This is a video of custom residential designer Andrew McClure building a mansion in Minecraft after his little cousin taught him the basics of the game. He then walks us through his home design process, and all the things that need to be taken into consideration and decisions that have to be made. I learned a lot while watching it. Granted not by watching it, but just like in high school, the majority of learning takes place OUTSIDE the classroom. "So what did you learn, GW?" The chili my coworker brought us for lunch today was SPICY. "You really do get dumber every day." I mean there's no way I'm not, right? They should test my water at home.

Keep going for the video, which will probably be significantly more interesting if you're into architecture or Minecraft, and perhaps even too titillating if you're into both.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees if you can just convince your clients to digitize themselves you could probably make a fortune selling luxury homes in Minecraft.

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