183.9MPH: Video Of The New Land-Speed Record On A Bicycle

September 20, 2018

This is a video from the custom drag racer pulling bicyclist Denise Mueller-Korenek along the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah as she sets the new world record for fastest paced land-speed on a bicycle, topping out at 183.9MPH after disconnecting from her tow cable, and smoking the previous record of 166.9MPH set in 1995 by Fred Rompelberg. Let me probably not be the first at all to say that is entirely too fast to be riding on a bicycle. For reference, terminal velocity for a human in free fall is reached after about 12 seconds and tops out at around 122MPH, which sucks because I was really hoping to be doing at least 150MPH when my bike finally hit the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Keep going for this video (tow cable disconnect at 1:28), as well as a another one with shots from the dragster's cockpit and outside for a little bit more perspective.

Thanks to Marcy, who agrees if you dream it, you can achieve it. Don't let anyone stop you, especially not a parent yelling, "Stop, get down from there!"

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