WTF!: Man Impaled By Tree Through Shoulder Poses For Pictures At Hospital, Jokingly Tells Doctors "I Am Groot!"

August 3, 2018


Note: A couple more censored shots HERE, HERE and HERE but follow the links in the article if you really want to see more (not for the squeamish).

These are several shots of 36-year old Belarusian paraglider enthusiast Ivan Krasouski after being impaled by a tree through his shoulder. Apparently Ivan was out flying in his homemade ROFLglider when a chute line snapped, sending him spinning out of control into the forest below where an Ent reached out a branch to say hello, impaling him. Man, I'm getting faint just trying to write this.

[Ivan] was cut free by rescuers after he crashed a paraglider near Olshany, Belarus. He posed for photos at a nearby hospital with the huge log still stuck in his shoulder, telling doctors "I am Groot!"

Dear God. He really took it like a champ though. I even saw some female commenters on another site asking if they were able to save his arm (they were) and possibly some sperm. The man is at least part superhuman, after all. Honestly, I can't say for certain I wouldn't have rather taken that branch through the heart than the shoulder, but I am a vampire and that is one of the very few ways I can die. "Awww, what's the matter, GW?" I'm 800 years old, I have to wear denture fangs and I dribble pee constantly.

Thanks to Orcbutt, for leading me to believe Ents might not be the friends I once thought they were.

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