Video Of A Great White Breaching Ocean Surface To Try to Eat Researcher's Feet

August 8, 2018

This is a video of a great white shark breaching the water's surface off the coast of Wellfleet, Massachusetts in an attempt to eat a researcher's feet, who's standing on the *Googles parts of a boat* bow pulpit of an Atlantic White Shark Conservancy research vessel while trying to tag the shark. That is not a game of tag I have any interest in playing. "Would you play with an octopus?" Hell no, they try to crawl in your butt. "Who told you that?" An older kid on the back of the school bus. "And you believed him?" He has armpit hair!

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to William O, who agrees it's no fair tagging with your teeth (I've been put in time-out at daycare for that).

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