Valuable Information: Pet Crab Learns How To Eat Noodles

August 23, 2018

This is a video of Youtuber Closer CoC#no.3's pet crab eating cooked noodles for the first time (were Closer CoC#no.1 and Closer CoC#no.2 really already taken?). It's a trial-and-error process. I also included previous videos of the same crab eating banana, chips and watermelon, because they existed and it only takes me a couple seconds to embed them. Nobody can ever say I'm not a hard worker. "Yes they could." FACT. I was actually considering getting a pet crab a few months ago but my girlfriend nixed the idea because she loves crab legs and was worried that me having a pet one would cause her to lose her appetite. LOL -- like she's ever lost her appetite! *phone rings* Shit I just did bad, didn't I?

Keep going for the videos. Also, I like how it fakes itself out with which hand is going to feed it next. I wonder if that's some sort of advanced dieting technique.

Thanks to Jillian B, who wants to see him do Pizza Bites next. Just makes sure they're not still molten in the middle.

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