Tiki Torch Cocktail Swizzle Sticks You Can Actually Light On Fire

August 28, 2018


These are the brass tiki torch swizzle sticks designed and made by artist Michael Grider of Etsy shop GriderCo. Each torch costs $25 *spit-takes rum punch* and burns a specially formulated lemon extract 'Torch Juice' Michael also developed. Although, if you're anything like me, you know a little gasoline will work just fine.

Each Topper is hand sculpted by MK Grider he then takes that sculpt and vulcanizes it in a silicone rubber creating a mold. That mold is put into a centrifuge and hot metal is poured into the mold. The metal is cast around a stainless steel rod, that we cut to size and hand sand, securing it into place. Each one is then hand sanded and polished and sent to be plated where it gets a copper, nickel, or brass finish. Once back we patina each one and then polish and coat with a crystal clear enamel!

Alternatively, just do what I've always done and order a splash of Bacardi 151 on top of your tiki drink and set that on fire. Just make sure to blow it out first since just because you think you're not going to set your face on fire doesn't mean you're not going to do it. Everyone always thinks they're not one of those people until they are one of those people -- running to an already-occupied bar bathroom looking like Ghost Rider. "Jesus." I've seen some things.

Thanks again to Allyson S, who promised me a tiki drink, which I have every intention of collecting.

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