The Wait Is Over: Back To The Future And Princess Bride Precious Moments Figurines

August 21, 2018


These are the Back To The Future and Princess Bride Precious Moments figurines available from The Bradford Exchange ($100 for Marty and the DeLorean, $40 apiece for the Princess Bride characters). Man, my mom used to collect the heck out of Precious Moments figurines. I was raised with those things. Also: Longaberger baskets. Still, it's a shame they didn't include Fezzik or Prince Humperdinck or Count Rugen or Miracle Max with the Princess Bride characters. Maybe they'll come out in series two. Or maybe I'll have no choice but to mod some of my mom's existing Precious Moments figurines into those characters. "Do and die." Ha, sometimes I think she loves those things more than she loves me. "Well start thinking it all the time, because it's true." What do they do that I don't?! "Bring me joy." That's it, I'm leaving. "It's spaghetti night." I'm staying.

Keep going for a closeup of Marty as well as the Princess Bride crew.







Thanks to Melissa FC, who agrees Precious Moments are the best moments.

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