The Tacticlip, A Multi-Tool Hair Clip

August 8, 2018


This is the Tacticlip, a small minimalist multi-tool in the form of a hairclip. $10 will get you a pack of four of the TSA approved multi-tools through its introductory Kickstarter campaign. In addition to the uses seen above (the raptor claw tip is capable of opening clamshell packaging), field-testers also mentioned it also functions as a flint blade (for striking a flint), zip-tie saw and zip-tie lockpick, money clip, bookmark, chip-clip and pressure point kubotan. Obviously, I just dumped like a dozen into my girlfriend's purse, and I won't be able to find a single one when I actually need it. Some open makeup or a handful of unwrapped Reece's Peanut Butter Cup minis? No problem.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video.

Thanks to Beau, the man behind the clip, for inspiring me to grow my hair out.

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