The Dividere: An 8-Ounce Dual Chambered Hip Flask With Liquor-Viewing Windows

August 24, 2018


This is the Kickstarter campaign for the Dividere, a hip flask with two separate 4-ounce chambers and a viewing window for each so you know how much hooch you've got left. *eying window* Not enough to share, never enough to share. The flask costs around $70 and turning the top ring to the right switches the pour from one chamber to the other, with the middle pouring both simultaneously. Admittedly, not a bad idea for the person who insists on bringing the smallest variety of liquor possible (two) somewhere, I just wish it was bigger. If I'm going to bring multiple liquors somewhere I'm just going to bring multiple flasks. Or, better yet *reaches beside desk, shakes over head* "A milk jug refilled with something purple?" Hit this, chief. "What is it?" Who cares, it's Friday.

Keep going for several more shots and their pretty ridiculous Kickstarter video.




Thanks to Mario, who agrees there's absolutely nothing wrong with filling a Zip-Lock with liquor, just as long as you remember to zip it really well.

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