Sure, Why Not?: Using Reel To Reel Magnetic Tape As A Drum Kit

August 7, 2018

This is a video of one of the musicians from the three-piece Open Reel Ensemble playing some overlapping magnetic reel-to-reel tape as a drum kit. There's also a video of them playing some tape bamboo instruments (long bamboo poles used to pull tape from opposite ends of a reel-to-reel) and a demonstration of their Tape-Cordionica, a sort of reel-to-reel/accordion hybrid. Music: it's everywhere. Except in my house, music is banned in my house because my mom says it makes me go crazy, which it does. "Define crazy." I chewed through my bedroom door.

Keep going for the videos. The first one really gets going at 0:23.

Thanks to Chris C, who invited me to come see his band play this weekend and said I could pick any one thing from the merch table for free. Murfreesboro, Tennessee here I come!

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