Sure, Why Not?: Cat Camps, Tiny Indoor/Outdoor Tents For Cats

August 29, 2018


These are Cat Camp tents for cats (and small dogs I suppose). They're suitable for indoor and outdoor use and provide your cat with a cozy place to relax while still being able to see what's going on around them. They cost $60, come in blue, red and orange, and have a fluffy microfiber interior. I just bought one. "Did you?" No. I thought about it though before coming to my senses and realizing my cat isn't going to appreciate anything I spend $60 of my hard-earned money on. "How long did you sleep at work today?" Not quite four hours. Still, I know for a fact if I bought one of these and set it up at home that within five minutes my cat would be asleep in a reusable grocery bag in the kitchen. And on a related note: is it possible for a cat to poop while crawling under a low bed? Asking for a friend with a smell in their room who's afraid to look under the bed but really needs this mystery solved before their girlfriend gets home.

Keep going for a couple more shots.





Thanks to Shannon S, who agrees cats like to go camping too, especially if there's fishing involved.

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