Sure, Why Not?: A Space Themed Fleece Blanket With Blinking Stars

August 20, 2018


This is the LED Space Fleece Blanket designed and sold by ThinkGeek ($40). It features an astronaut in the foreground and outerspace in the background, complete with 18 LEDs that flash intermittently like stars. Obviously, it's perfect for asking a date if they want to come back to your place and lay under the stars and watch a movie. Just make it clear you're talking about a blinking fleece blanket so you don't mislead anyone. Kind of reminds me when I'd ask dates in college if they wanted to come back to my dorm room and look at the stars, which I explained meant the glow-in-the-dark star stickers I'd plastered all over the ceiling. We'd get there, and, without fail, there would be my freshman roommate at the computer under his loft, either playing video games or masturbating, or playing video games and masturbating. "What was he--" Counter-Strike, always Counter-Strike.

Keep going for a couple more shots and a video.




Thanks to Samantha P, for agrees there's nothing quite like laying under the stars, waiting for a giant meteor to come finish earth off.

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