Sure, Why Not?: A Limo Made From The Fuselage Of A Learjet

August 22, 2018


Twelve years from concept to completion, this is the Limo-Jet: the alleged world's first street-legal limousine made from the fuselage of a Learjet. And I believe it too, because why would anybody else ever do that?

The cockpit of the plane has been swapped for a single-seat setup for the driver which is surrounded by a bank of screens that are meant to help the driver to maneuver the behemoth on public has a V8 engine of unspecified origin that drives the rear wheels.

» Accommodates 16-18 Passengers
» Color: Candy Apple Red
» Interior: Black and Red
» 30″ Chrome Wheels, Sponsored by DUB™.
» (1) 42″ Plasma Screen
» (4) Large Flat Screen TVs
» DVD player [Editor's note: wowzers!]
» Laser, Strobe Lights, Disco Ball
» 4,500 Watt Stereo with CD Player
» Theater Surround Sound
» Realistic Jet Engine Cranking System and More

Obviously, it's only a matter of time before this thing is cruising the Las Vegas strip, and I have every intention of being the high roller on-board. There just better be a privacy partition between me and the driver, because I don't want him watching while I, well -- you know. "No, I don't know." Yes you do. "Just say it." Eat all the food I stuffed in my pockets from the buffet!

Keep going for a bunch more shots (including the interior) while I speculate what good is a limo with no sunroof to hang out of flashing my tits at passersby.











Thanks to v, who agrees it would be a lot cooler if it could fly. Or at least glide over traffic.

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