Spectators Reacting To The Incredible Speed Of Motorcycle Racers Participating In The Isle Of Man TT

August 8, 2018

Note: some cursing but the bikes are so loud I'm not sure what I heard.

This is a video compilation of spectators reacting to the breakneck speeds of motorcycle racers participating in the Isle Of Man TT (Tourist Trophy) time-trial style public road races over the past few years. The Isle Of Man TT is considered one of the world's most dangerous racing events, and watching the video makes it very clear why. I don't even feel safe in an office 5,200 miles away from these lunatics. I feel like at any moment one could come flying through a window like they were shot out of a cannon and send us both to meet our makers. Probably God in their case, and an evil, childless witch named Euphenia in mine. "Wait, what's this about a witch?" We can't all be as lucky as Pinocchio.

Keep going for the video, as well as an extended cut of the view of the guy in the gif, from 2016.

Thanks to Clint, who agree everything about the Isle Of Man TT looks and sounds terrifying.

  • The_Wretched

    I think i'll put my head into the track-space and see if I get hit.

    I went to the Indy-500 once. It was a hot and smelly affair with these blurs going by.

  • Javier Arreola

    If in the Isle of Man they race fast bikes, what to they do in the Isle of Woman?

  • GeneralDisorder

    I think Isle of Man TT flyby is my new favorite spine-chilling sound effect.

    Previously it was the Formula 1 V12 flyby.

  • Munihausen

    "Fahkin hey-oh"

  • Closet Nerd

    Was that the Tyler from Life in Pieces?

  • Mark Pocock

    That's fast. I had no idea it was that terrifying, that's so incredible.

  • Homestar

    That's terrifying. I had no idea it was that incredible, that's so fast.

  • behzad

    That's incredible. I had no idea it was that fast, that's so terrifying.

  • Jenness

    That's incredible. I had no idea it was that fast, that's so terrifying.

  • typowned

    I ride a decently fast bike. I also run into burning buildings or whatever dangerous situation my community/county needs, for fun. But that... I have nowhere near the testicular fortitude for anything close to that. My hat is off to them and I'll come tend their wounds or hold a tarp over their body if any of them bite it in my territory. God speed you fucking lunatics.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I think the Isle of Mann TT still has ride-along medics who follow the racers and act as first responders. There was a TED talk about it. The guy who did the TED talk died in a motorcycle crash at the Skerries 100 practice. Doctor John Hind.

  • Ollie Williams


  • Eric Ord


    PS Motorcyclist in first is me getting firsts, other motorcyclists are Geekologie message boards members rushing to congratulate me

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