Satanic Temple Unveils 8.5-Foot Bronze Baphomet Statue At Arkansas State Capitol Protest

August 20, 2018


In protest of Senator Jason Rapert's successful campaign to install a Ten Commandments statue on the Arkansas State Capitol grounds in Little rock, the Satanic Temple recently unveiled an 8.5-foot bronze statue of Baphomet on the stairs of the Capitol during their "Rally for the First Amendment", which more than 100 protesters and counter-protesters attended, presumably because the bars in Little Rock didn't open until later:

The Satanic Temple is suing the Federal Government for the right to permanently install the statue on the Capitol grounds, arguing that since the Capitol has a Ten Commandments monument, other religions must be allowed to display their symbols there, too.

A group of Christians also attended the rally, and those interviewed by KATV were articulate and respectful of the Satanists and their statue. "God loves them, and we love them," said one. "These people are here in support of their beliefs, and I'm here in support of mine," said another. "Fortunately we live in a country that allows freedom of speech, freedom of religion. I may not necessarily agree with their faith, but I respect it."

Wow, two sides both making decent sense -- that's a rarity. Regardless of how you feel about any of this though, you have to admit that's a pretty bitchin' statue and would look awesome in my backyard by the firepit. "Take an Instagram pic of me laying across his lap?" Depends, how do you feel about burning in hell for all eternity? "It's inevitable." Hop on up there, do you want me to use a filter or no?

Keep going for a shot of the existing Ten Commandments statue and a video news report, which includes an interview with Senator Jason Rapert, who is a firm believer that what good is a job if you can't combine your two favorite things (in his case, church and state).


Thanks to Joshua S, who agrees it's only a matter of time until the Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster gets involved.

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