Real Products That Exist: LiteZilla, A Giant Wall-Sized Lite Brite

August 30, 2018


These are several shots and a video introducing LiteZilla, a giant wall sized version of the classic Lite Brite toy. Man, I can still remember the lat time I spelled a curse word on my Lite Brite. I got grounded for two weeks. "When was that?" Two weeks ago, I can go out tomorrow night! Also I feel like the LiteZilla should really come with some opaque black pegs for covering holes. Unfortunately, a five-foot LightZilla costs $10,000, and an eight-foot version $15,500, making it infinitely cheaper to not own one. I think that's what I'm gonna do. "Or you could build your own." Do I look like a man with tools? "What's the tool belt for then?" My stripping act. "Tell me more." You see, my girlfriend will tell me to fix something around the house, so I'll go put the tool belt on and start stripping while I act like I'm going to fix it, then she leaves when she realizes I'm not, and I play video games in the buff. "You're a hell of a catch, GW." I'm the marlin from The Old Man And The Sea.

Keep going for a couple more shots and the video.



Thanks to hairless, who agrees you could almost make a wall of holographic girlfriends for the same price.

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