Problem Solving: Two Guys Rig Up Rope System To Use Broken Windshield Wipers During Rainstorm

August 28, 2018

Your steering wheel: it's giving me anxiety.

This is a video from Sa Kaeo, Thailand of two young McGyvers who have rigged up a rope system in order to use the broken windshield wiper on their 30-year old Isuzu TFR pickup truck. It works pretty well, too. Granted not well enough for me to ever ride in that truck, but my devil-may-care days of reckless adventuring are behind me. "Here, drink this." *chugs* Jesus, what was that? It smelled like nail polish remover. "Nail polish remover." Love the smell, the taste is a two, tops.

The...Isuzu TFR needs dozens of improvements and is unlikely to pass an MOT by western standards.

Jing said they will keep doing ''whatever it takes'' to keep the trusty pick-up truck on the road.

He added: ''There are lots of unusual ways to fix a car and keep them working. We will keep this car alive for as long as we can. I don't think this truck will impress many girls, but it has been good for us.''

And what more do you need from a vehicle? You don't need a car to impress girls, you just need a car that gets you from point A to point B without incident. And, at least in this case, a passenger to operate your windshield wipers.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Johann, who agrees this certainly beats my idea of having a friend hang onto the hood and constantly wipe the windshield with their shirt.

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