'Potentially Hazardous' Asteroid To Fly By Earth (At A Distance of 3,000,000 Miles)

August 27, 2018


Note: Artist's rendition above 100% inaccurate in regards to distance to earth.

NASA has announced a 'potentially hazardous' asteroid will pass by earth on August 29th, at a distance of a little over 3,000,000 miles. That's pretty far away. Man, how crazy would it be if there was actually an asteroid on a collision course with earth? Because I feel like that would be pretty nuts. Also exhilarating.

The enormous space rock, known as asteroid 2016 NF23 and estimated to be between 230 and 525 feet in diameter, will zip past Earth on Aug. 29 at a velocity of 9.04 kilometers per second, or approximately 20,000 miles per hour, the government space agency said on its Earth Close Approaches page.

Near-Earth objects regularly fly by the planet, though "potentially hazardous objects" are ones that are less than 0.05 au (astronomical units) away from the planet, or approximately 5 million miles.

Any asteroid that comes within 4.6 million miles of Earth with a diameter greater than 500 feet is termed "potentially hazardous," according to NASA.

I only hope my meteor magnet will be powerful enough to attract the rock and finally put an end to life here on earth. "Why would you wish that?" We deserve to be dinosaured. "Speak for yourself." I SPEAK FOR ALL PEOPLE. "Really? Who died and made you earth ambassador? Captain Planet told me on his deathbed.

Thanks to Irina, who agrees we should have at least sent somebody to try to ride the meteor.

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